What is it like to dive on Lobos island?

Thanks to its privileged natural environment as well as the purity of its beaches, seabed, and of course the numerous dive sites, Lobos island is a fantastic diving place.

Spectacular underwater landscapes shaped by ancient originally volcanic reefs, draft a valuable marine ecosystem full of peculiar rock formations, such as the striking arches and mysterious tunnels. The diving that is conducted around the island is not particularly deep.

There are several dive sites with maximum depths that do not exceed 18 meters, and there are even sites with maximum depths ranging between 8 and 15 meters deep. However, beautiful deep dives which are deeper than 18 meters can be made.

The fish fauna of Fuerteventura is rich and diverse. It includes pelagic species that usually live far from the coast and the seabed, as well as benthic species, which live linked to the seabed.

What will I see when diving on Lobos island?

It is impossible to guarantee any type of sighting before a dive. However, frequent sightings during dives on the island’s surroundings would include the angel shark, which is a cartilaginous fish, bony fish, for example the dreamfish, the Canary damsel, the common two-banded sea bream, moray and leopard eels, the European conger, even sea turtles and mollusks, such as the common cuttlefish and the octopus, and of course anemones, starfish, sponges, sea worms, and sea urchins.



1. Valid Medical Certificate (DOWNLOAD PDF):

Remember that certified divers and candidates interested in doing a diving course, regardless of where they come from, they must have a medical certificate which shows that they are fit to dive. In Spain, the medical certificate is valid for 2 years, although this may vary from country to country, time after which, the medical certificate must be renewed.

Do not worry if you do not have a medical certificate because you will be able to obtain it easily in Corralejo. The dive center will provide you with all the necessary information to obtain it and do it comfortably at any of the available clinics in Corralejo during your stay on the island.

EXPLANATORY NOTE: Participants of the PADI “DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING” program, commonly known as “DIVING BAPTISM”, will be exempt from presenting a medical certificate because they will have to comply with the requirement of filling out and signing a small medical questionnaire before the beginning of the program. If there are any indications of health problems from the participant that could pose a risk during the activity, the center would require the participant to go to a medical center to obtain a medical certificate to prove that he or she is fit to dive.

2. Fill in Registration Form (DOWNLOAD PDF):

Each diver will fill out a “Registration Form” at the center before heading out diving. Those divers who do not have a medical certificate, and who do not wish to obtain it at one of the mentioned local clinics, should make sure to specify the date of their last medical examination in their country of origin.


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