FUERTEVENTURAa Biosphere Reserve


Fuerteventura, a Biosphere Reserve declared by UNESCO, and one of the most important geopaleontological observatories in the world, is the pride of its inhabitants. On the island there is a wide range of ecosystems ranging from desert and semi-desert areas to various coastal habitats. In the rich marine ecosystem pelagic species abound such as sperm whales and dolphins, as well as sea turtles which spawn on the extensive beaches.

With its 3000 hours of sunshine per year, Fuerteventura is a great holiday destination at a European level. Its climate is arid, and it rarely rains. December is generally the rainiest month, and temperatures range from 22 to 15 degrees Celsius in winter, and from 28 to 22 degrees in summer.

The “haze” is an odd phenomenon that sometimes occur on the island, and that is basically a sandstorm and dust coming from the Sahara Desert. It usually leads to a visibility reduction, as well as an increase in temperatures of up to 10 degrees Celsius.

What environment and climate does Fuerteventura have?

The fascinating geological history of Fuerteventura invites us to take a trip back in time of no less than 20 million years. Millennia of eruptions and later centuries of incessant erosion and little rain shaped our beloved island. But despite its climate hostility and wild beauty, Fuerteventura is without a doubt a fantastic holiday destination, especially for sea lovers who seek the charm hidden below the surface.

Out of water, the trade winds favour that the annual average temperature of the island ranges between 19 and 22 degrees Celsius, and underwater, marine currents go through wealthy and diverse ecosystems, which are the natural habitat of a great variety of fish.

Note for Sun Lovers

For those sore and burned skins by too much sun, do not panic!

The climatic conditions of Fuerteventura are ideal for the cultivation of Aloe Vera, and the wise “majoreras” grandmothers recommend apply Aloe Vera on your body after a long sun bathing session. There are numerous shops which sells all kinds of quality products in different formats that, thanks to their multiple healing properties, will regenerate those damaged skins by the sun.


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